A day in the life of a lawyer in 2020 – Part 1

A day in the life of a lawyer in 2020 – Part 1

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By SAP-Legal
Published: 1 year ago

Hello everyone, have been thinking quite a bit about writing this article. This is just a visualization of a day in the life of a lawyer in 2020 or maybe even earlier.

Bill is a lawyer with about 10 years of experience in practice and is at a mid-management level in a global law firm. He has experienced the best of both worlds in terms of learning law in a proper classroom setting with access to loads of books, references and other resources and also had the privilege of using technology when the legal domain started adopting technology.This is how his life would be on any regular working day:

7:00 – 7:30 AM

His mobile device has all the notifications ready for him on a dashboard that is customized according to his preferences. The chat-bot called Laura gives him a summary of the most important notifications. Bill instructs the bot to read out whatever he wants in to and now knows how he needs to plan for the day.

8:00 – 8:45 AM

Bill practices in multiple Courts of law and he gets the notifications of his cases for the day delivered to his mobile device. Laura gives him a summary of the old cases and the new ones and also suggestions on how he needs to plan the schedule for the day factoring traffic and other meetings outside of court.

9:15 – 9:45 AM

Bill is on his way to work and Laura tells him about who from the firm is assigned to the cases and which of the new ones need resources to be assigned. Laura also suggests names of his juniors and paralegals based on their experience and availability considering other tasks they are busy with. Bill gives vocal instructions on assignments for the day and these are automatically pushed to the people concerned. Bill also instructs Laura to do some entry level research on a particular case and asks her to suggest a senior lawyer who could help with the case on a particular aspect.

10:00 – 10:30 AM

Bill is presented with an adjudication copy of all the cases listed for the day, which also gives him insights into the stage they are at and proceedings during the previous hearing and also any key points he had noted down for the current hearing. Bill is also informed of a new judge listening to one of his cases and lets him know a bit about the judges track record and his style of delivering judgments.

10:30 AM – 16:00 PM

Bill is having a hectic day at work and has to navigate between Courts and Court halls. Laura helps him navigate between Court halls and also lets him know of the best routes to other locations. During the course of the day Laura also helps Bill monitor his parameters and asks him to relax or take a seat if needed. Laura also suggests good lunch places around the location and this is done after checking with Bill about his preferences other than his favorites. During the course of the day Laura also informs him of various key events of the day.

16:10 PM

Laura gives Bill a reminder of an important meeting @ 17:00 PM that he has to attend with a new client. She also helps Bill with information of the new client including a complete background check, financial stability etc. Laura also helps with links to the client’s social profile and articles about if any.

17:00 PM – 17:30 PM

Bill is now in his office with the client and is attentively listening to his needs and queries. Laura is also listening and processing information on the go. In the next 30 minutes Bill along with Laura is able to give the client and informed decision on whether to litigate and if litigation is the only way out; the possibilities including Courts to file the application at and judges to hear it. It looks like the case has to be done at a remote location where Bill and his firm don’t have a presence. The meeting ends and Bill gets to his workstation to figure a way out.

17:40 PM – 18:00 PM

Bill has now searched his repository and looks like he has found fellow lawyers who could work with him on the case at that specific location. He runs a verification check and gets a report on the lawyers and their credentials. He has to now decide on the people he needs to reach out to and asks Laura to set a reminder.

18:15 PM

Bill is on the way home, and Laura has a summary of notes from all the hearings attended on behalf of Bill by members of his firm. She gives him an update on an important legal statute passed by the government. Based on Bill’s day so far, she suggests his plan for the evening and also reminds him of his personal commitments for the next 2-3 days.

This could be reality even earlier than 2020, but this is how it’s going to be whether we like it or not. AI will influence the legal domain a lot more than any other, and legal practice will never be the same.

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